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Croftgate USA Winter Relief Croftgate USA Winter Relief

Use Croftgate Winter Relief to remove Salt and Deicer Residue!

Get rid of those ugly stains!


Spray Winter Relief spray onto a Micro Fiber towel to pre wet, then spray Winter Relief ontoi surface and rub gently with the pre-wet towel. Follow by using a second towel and squirt a stream of Winter Relief directly onto the area to be cleaned then use a side to side motion to remove salt residue. Then wipe with a clean dry folded towel.

Our Price: $13.90
CroftGate USA Multi-Clean 32oz Multi Purpose Cleaner CroftGate USA Multi-Clean 32oz Multi Purpose Cleaner

MULTI-CLEAN Multi Purpose Cleaner.

MULTI-CLEAN Cleans and Removes Stains and Contaminates Normal Cleaners Can't Touch!!

The entire team at CroftgateUSA has a true passion for all forms of transportation and the environmental impact of car washing using traditional water-wasting car washing methods, and products which contain harmful silicones and petroleum solvents & bi-products.

As a consequence, CroftgateUSA's R&D team, along with their chemists, have taken the time to develop THE BEST waterless car wash and paint protection systems available. This allows you to keep your ride, be it a car, truck, bike, jet-ski, boat, or plane looking better than new while using no water to wash it.

Use CroftgateUSA's MULTI-CLEAN to Clean Any Part of Your Vehicle!!

  • For the cleaning of carpets, mats, upholstery, and trim items to hard to remove bugs and tar stains, MULTI-CLEAN gently, yet effectively removes stubborn dirt and grime from all these diverse surfaces.
  • MULTI-CLEAN has the ability to remove heavier than normal dirt and films that conventional cleaners can't touch. Pollutants like road debris, bugs, tar, bird dropings, and much more. Use it on the outside of your vehicles surface, and on the inside too!
  • MULTI-CLEAN uses Biodegradable Surfactants which are strong enough to break up and lift away heavy dirt film, grime, and debris, but are also gentle enough to be used on fabrics and carpeting to remove many stains, grease, and dirt.
  • Microfiber towels are recommended for applying MULTI-CLEAN to your vehicle's surface. This way, the chances of causing micro-scratches on the top coat, or interior surfaces are avoided. MULTI-CLEAN drastically reduces the quantity of water needed to clean stubborn, hard to remove soils and stains, and eliminates the need for buckets and hoses.

CroftgateUSA's MULTI-CLEAN Cleans All Areas of Your Vehicle With Less Effort, In Less Time, and More Eco-Responsibly!!!

  • MULTI-CLEAN has been approved by the E.P.A. and has received their Design For The Environment* designation!!
  • MULTI-CLEAN contains no listed hazardous ingredients, no V.O.C's, and no petroleum solvents!!

For Best Results Using CroftgateUSA's MULTI-CLEAN, Follow These Simple Guidelines:

  • Use MULTI-CLEAN out of direct sunlight, and on cool body work.
  • Use Microfiber towels with MULTI-CLEAN. Microfiber towels gently lift up and trap dirt and grime loosened by MULTI-CLEAN. This way, the chances of causing micro-scratches on the top coat, or interior surfaces are avoided.
  1. Fold each microfiber towel in half twice; This effectively gives you 8 clean pads to carry out your cleaning operation.
  2. Spray the first microfiber towel with MULTI-CLEAN to pre-wet, then spray MULTI-CLEAN on the area of the vehicle to be cleaned.
  3. Wipe over the sprayed area with the pre-wetted towel to lift away dirt and grime.
  4. For stubborn stains, allow MULTI-CLEAN to sit for 2-3 minutes before wiping them away.

For Dirty or Stained Carpets, Mats, and Upholstery:

  • After first testing in an inconspicuous area, spray MULTI-CLEAN directly onto the soiled area and rub gently to remove stains and dirt.

Our Price: $13.90
Croftgate USA Odor Eliminator 32 oz. Spray Bottle Croftgate USA Odor Eliminator 32 oz. Spray Bottle

This Eco Responsible formula chemically binds and encapsulates odor causing materials, rendering them undetectable. It eradicates odors, prevents them from returning. Odor Eliminator contains a small amount of fragrance to provide a freshly cleaned scent while the product is being used. The fragrance dissipates very quickly, to prevent overpowering fragrance odor . Whether a bad odor is from; (pet waste, cigarette smoke, food, human body) Odor Eliminator will eradicate it fast!

"We have tested Odor Eliminator on every terrible smell we could, including Coyote Urine and it destroyed the smell.”

High Performance Eco-Responsible Car Care Products CROFTGATE USA PRODUCT FEATURES

• Works quickly.
• No listed hazardous materials or Petroleum distillates.
• Concentrated, a little goes a long way.
• Destroys both airborne and ingrained odors.
• No tacky residue and adds softness to treated fabrics.
• Available in small glove box bottle to keep in car & larger sizes.
• Easy to use trigger spray or pump mist application.

Recommendation For Use: For general odor removal in car: Spray a mist or two on floor mats. For odor specific areas where the cause needs to be removed: After odor causing material has been removed and cleaned, spray or mist directly onto area that was causing the bad odor.

"We strongly recommend cleaning and removing stains using our Multi Clean. Multi Clean is part of the EPA Design for the Environment program and con - sidered a safer chemical.” Use in vehicle, home or businesses, anywhere odor is a problem.

Our Price: $16.50

An Eco Responsible, High Performance solution formulated to protect fabrics from water and oil base spills. Most spills can quickly be wiped up without penetrating the fabric. Spills don’t become hard-to-remove stains! Once fabrics are treated; dirt, dust and even mud do not penetrate and are suspended between the treated fibers, making it easier to vacuum.


• Virtually odor free.
• Trigger Spray application treats from 15-30 Square yards.
• Repels and protects against water and oil based materials.
• Spills don’t turn into stains.
• NO listed hazardous materials/petroleum distillates
• UV absorber helps reduce color fadeout.

Recommendation For Use: Needed : 2 microfiber towels each folded two times.

1. If area to be treated is not new, clean it first and allow it to dry. This will remove resi - dues built up over long term and allow Fabric Protector to penetrate fabric fibers. W e recommend using our Multi Clean, it is part of the EPA Design for the Environment program, rated as a safer chemical and is an excellent cleaner /stain remover.

2. Spray area to be treated (generally two light coats will provide better, longer lasting, protection than one heavy one); ensure all surfaces are treated evenly.

3. Using the pre-wet towel, wipe area in a circular or back and forth motion until clean.

Typical application is 1 to 2 ounces per square yard to evenly wet surface. Product cures under ambient conditions, no heating or forced air drying necessary. Cure time for maximum protection to develop is 24 hours. Product dries to touch within 1 to 2 hours depending on temperature and humidity.

As with all fabric treatments, test first on an inconspicuous area for color fastness and compatibility. Protect fabrics in vehicles, home or business. (seats, couches carpeting, curtains, clothing and shoes) .

Our Price: $18.90
CroftGate USA Wrap Care JP Heavy Duty Cleaner 32oz Spray Bottle CroftGate USA Wrap Care JP Heavy Duty Cleaner 32oz Spray Bottle

  • Water based eco responsible formula, wets out and removes adhesive and more, leaving no residue.
  • Our formula lasts longer, wetting out the surface better which means more of it gets applied onto adhesive and other hard to remove surface contaminates (oil, tar , bugs) for better removal.
  • Other fast evaporating cleaners do not last long in a towel and may not clean as deep, needing multiple applications. They may be made from hazardous solvents as well.
  • A more efficient and safer way to remove heavy surface contaminates including certain adhesives.
  • No heavy fumes to smell.
  • Does not have a tendency to lighten plastics like the fast evaporating petroleum solvent based products.
  • No Petroleum Solvents.


Use as a 2nd Step after using our Surface Prep, in surface preparation to ensure the surface is perfect for vinyl adhesion.


STEP 1: Spray WC Heavy Duty Cleaner onto an area on the towel and onto to surface contaminates, allowing it to penetrate. Then rub contaminates away.

STEP 2: Adhesives: Spray WC Heavy Duty Cleaner onto an area on towel and a heavy amount onto to surface adhesives, allowing it to penetrate and then rub adhesive away.

STEP 3: When adhesive is removed, wipe up with a clean dry towel and follow with our surface prep.

For Stubborn Surface Contaminates: Repeat treatment again. Allow a heavy spray of WC Heavy Duty Cleaner to sit longer on the area to be treated before wiping clean.

Our Price: $28.70
Croftgate USA 32oz Project-X Spray Bottle Croftgate USA 32oz Project-X Spray Bottle

Project X is a depth and shine enhancer for dark painted vehicles. CroftgateUSA has made cleaning dark colored cars simple and effective. Project X can be applied 2 ways, but either way we guarantee to deepen your finish whether you are a detail pro or a garage novice.



  • Minimal work involved, spray and wipe in.  
  • Produces a deep, brilliant appearance on dark painted vehicles.

Recommendation For Use:


Needed: 2 microfiber towels each folded two times. For use on a clean surface.


By Hand: Simply spray 2-3 mists onto a clean surface, wipe Project X and buff off... We recommend a NEW and CLEAN micro-fiber cloth.


With Polisher: Using a BLUE or RED foam polishing pad, spray 1-2 sprays on the surface and 1 onto the pad. Using polisher between 1000-1200 rpms, simply work product into surface until entire areas is covered. Remove with a NEW and CLEAN micro-fiber cloth.


Project X can be used in DIRECT sunlight and with NO issues on ALL trim, windows or ANY surface of the vehicle.


No Petroleum Solvents - No Listed Hazardous Materials - No VOCs

Our Price: $34.90