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Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame

Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame


It's no secret retailers use printed promotional signage to sell merchandise, but what are the best tools to display it? Snap Frames, unlike traditional rear-loading poster holders, provide instant access to your graphics. The two can't be more different. Standard framing comprises an assembly process by building layers of glass, mat boards, graphics, and backers. Once this assembly is completed, you'd be hard pressed to take it down from the wall, disassemble, and replace the image. In fact, traditional poster frames are really designed to be used once, not as a daily changer. This is where snap frames have their place in the sun. Intended for quick changes on the fly, these graphics displays feature front-loading capabilities. Whether mounted to the wall, hung from the ceiling, or placed out on the sales floor, snap frames can be left where they are yet easily accessed thanks to the four independently-opening sides. Imagine the relief of the store manager having to swap out poster graphics in their wall frames, all without needing to remove them. The process saves time and money; good things to have in business.

As a result, snap frames are some of the most popular products we sell (and we sell a lot). The beauty of these poster holders is their similarity appearance-wise to traditional framing. Lurking just beneath the extruded aluminum frame sides are spring clips that are responsible for the spring-loaded action. These clips are simple affairs and look like small rectangular pieces of thin steel. Once they are pressed between the face frame and internal channel, instant spring-loaded tension is achieved. To use, lift up each side independently to remove the clear non-glare lens. Insert your posters or graphics on top of the back panel, replace the lens, and flip the sides down to hold everything in place. When compared to standard rear-loading, this process takes less than 30 seconds.

Close-up of a front-opening snap frame sign stand

The majority of snap frames for sale come in wall mounted styles, ranging in sizes from 4" x 6" on up to a very large 40" x 60". Designed for interior use only, these poster holders feature anodized finishes in black, silver, and a special wood-grained style. The frame profiles come in flat or curved models, as well as a number of fancier versions with two-tone designs and more decorative mouldings.

In addition to the interior wall mount models, what other types of quick-change holders do we sell?
  • Snap frames designed for exterior use are also available. Their construction features rubber gasketing along the inner perimeter to help keep moisture out. A locking screw, located on the bottom of the frame, secures the display and prevents unwanted tampering. The largest models are designed for displaying vinyl banners. These come with a complex internal mounting system consisting of clamps and stretchers which latch onto the vinyl material and make it nice and taut.
  • Hanging poster rails offer an economic way to hang graphics behind windows or above store aisles. These consist of a top and bottom snap-open rail which clamp down on the poster for a stable and seamless presentation. Hanging chain and hardware (included with purchase) allows custom placement for advertising inside storefronts.
  • Poster stands offer yet another way to use these quick-change frames. We took our standard wall mount styles and attached them to stands and posts in many different designs, including straight or curved poles with or without tiltable brackets and adjustable height features. These free-standing displays can be placed strategically near store entrances, showrooms, and mallways. The stands support signs and posters ranging from 8.5" x 11" to 24" x 36". Larger kiosk-type displays can hold full length graphics up to 77" in height.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
TRP2-00-0001 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 11" x 14"
TRP2-00-0002 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 11" x 17"
TRP2-00-0003 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 12" x 18"
TRP2-00-0004 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 14" x 22"
TRP2-00-0005 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 16" x 20"
TRP2-00-0006 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 20" x 24"
TRP2-00-0007 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 22" x 28"
TRP2-00-0008 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 24" x 30"
TRP2-00-0009 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 24" x 36"
TRP2-00-0010 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 28" x 44"
TRP2-00-0011 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 30" x 40"
TRP2-00-0012 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 41" x 55"
TRP2-00-0013 Indoor Outdoor Snap Edge Poster Frame - 8.5" x 11"
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